Saturday, February 06, 2016

Text to Chris: "Mission Control to CM, come in CM"

After being regaled with stories of the golden age of NASA by original aerospace engineer Alex McCool, I had to have a photo. Underneath the 3rd stage of a Saturn V rocket, which he worked to design, no less.

"I may not be in Australia, but I did hang out with NASA aerospace engineer Alex McCool, who helped design the Saturn V for fucking Wernher Von Braun. I cried, I'm not kidding. This guy knew Glenn, Shephard, Grissom... all of them. Wally Shirra, Jim Lovell... ALL of them. How did I only make it to the US Space Center in Huntsville at the tender age of 50? Been riding by since we were tykes in the back seat; Always wanted to go.. almost forgot. It was a religious experience."

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