Friday, May 29, 2015

Regarding Ray Boy

A recollection by my Aunt Sharlot on my maternal grandfather, Ray Walton: 

"Taking a shower this A.M. I was thinking about going to Ryan's final HS sporting event tonite.  He pole vaults at EVV Central in Regionals.  I've never been to Central ever but it was my dad's HS.  He was an outstanding football player there. That made me think of other things he did that I have never shared with you kids.

He was 5'9", weighed 150 lbs. He swam, played baseball, bowled, fished, hunted, boated, water skied, gardened (loved his flowers), played cards, sang, and whistled like NObody else. 

Above all else he was the kindest and most gentle man you could ever want to meet.  I wish you had had a chance to meet him.

With a family history of heart disease,  his 2nd heart attack took him at age 50....while water skiing on the Ohio on the 4th of July!!!
❤ My love to you all.  😔