Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dewey's Pizza — mmm!

Lucy's lunch recommendation has amazing salad!

Tunin' the Harp

A popular and surprisingly hilarious activity at last night MusicNow Festival show featuring Joanna Newsom. An impromptu Q&A was the recurring theme. One audience member: "Why does the harp go out of tune so much?" JN, with a winsome smile and far-off gaze: "... Why .. is the Sun warm?" (audience laughs heartily) and she adds: "if you're a harpist, they say you spend half the time tuning your harp and the other half playing an out-of-tune harp."

Temporary Cincinnatian

Occasionally, I like for Life to look like this. The atrium of the Cincinnatian sounds eerily like the final section of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Suitable for superman

These computer cubbies certainly used to be for phones, I assume. Gorgeous feature of the venerable Cincinnatian Hotel. (low rates, btw, if yr looking for a getaway and booked online

Monday, March 29, 2010

Peter Kageyama, founder of the Creative Cities Summit on City Love

Just in: Peter will be appearing on my radio show, Trivial Thursdays this week! Be sure to tune in!

Location shoot

Shooting for Smiley Pete's Leading Ladies of the Bluegrass series. Explanation of why I'm being a total cheese: I use myself — and a self-timer — to frame a portrait, get the light levels close to right, and approximate expressions for my subject. When I'm close to ready with these things I'll call them in. everybody wins, and I get some funny self-portraits along the way.

Mecca photoshoot lighting check

A page borrowed from the Lucy Points Menacing Expression Guide


Shooting on Gardenside Creek in Lexington for the Business Lexington series Leading Ladies of the Bluegrass, for which I have once again been asked to create all (20) the portraits of the recipients!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Attention fans of The Micksologist: your next cocktail from me may (may!) be garnished with a homemade Maraschino cherry.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Creepy World

Creepy things about the missing children wall at Wal-Mart: 1. Kids missing (of course) 2. Often they're listed as being last seen with one or the other parent. I'm not sure that I agree that this counts as "missing." 3. Some — like this one — are described as being "age-progressed." so the right-side image is digital speculation.

We Are The World dreams

"We are the World" is one of those things that gets stuck in my head sometimes, being simultaneously terrible and wonderful. Gotta give it to Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie — the song itself is so infectious and just kind of burrows into your brain. It has some qualities of a "round," even though it's not really one.

Last night, I dreamt that I was at some sort of charity event in a group with Quincy Jones. A group of a dozen or so people — friends, I think — were crouched down in a circle and we were listening to WATW booming over the PA. I was delighted by it, and thought it would be funny to ape Springsteen's gutteral back-and-forths with Stevie Wonder, and in the dream, Quincy kind of shushed me, as he listened to it, rapt. He was benign, smiling and staring off, the way some people do when they listen to music, kind of holding out his hand in my direction in a sort of "…hold on, hold on…" gesture.

Later in the dream, I was scoffing incredulously to some friends, saying "Really?! How could he possibly be shushing me? He must have heard WATW at least 15,000 times at this point!" I couldn't believe that he was still listening to it as though still in the studio.

It was a funny little dream. I think the remake (below) lacks most of the charm of the original, but it's still hard to take your eyes off of it — and of course there are far worse things you could do than open your pocketbook for the cause.

'49 Jaguar


Making out with a Maserati Ghibli

'49 Jag

March Madness Marching Band rehearsal

March Madness Marching Band rehearsal

One Tree Hill, Winchester


Near the Old Log House


Near the old log house

Spring edges in

Near the old log house



I'm not this close to barreling trains too often anymore. I wonder why not. It's pretty mesmerizing.

Sunday spinning at 3rd Street!

As nice a way to welcome springtime as I can imagine




Beautiful day to sit in the sun with lexi's sweet spinners

My twirly-girls

They cam spin it like nobody else. Why? Practice practice practice!

March Madness Marching Band rehearsal

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chakres SkyVue Twin Drive-In

I'm anticipating drive-in season. I have a nagging recollection that I may not have gone to either SkyVue or my treasured Bourbon Drive-In, in Paris, KY. That's inexcusable, really, and I'll try to make up for it this year with more fried food & covert hatchback cocktails

Chakres SkyVue Twin Drive-In

Drive-Ins look a little like graveyards in the off-season. No matter — they come back to life soon.

Capital Cellars

Kiwi Cremosa from KY Coffeetree Cafe in Frankfort

This place is great. That's a Kiwi Cremosa, btw

Kentucky Coffeetree Goodness!

This place is great. That's a Kiwi Cremosa, btw

Kentucky Historical Society

What an awesome place

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meanwhile at the Micksologist...

These lemons ain't gonna squeeze themselves.


Thanks to CD Central for making me the proud owner of Joanna Newsom's new 3-album ... On vinyl! The 1st vinyl I've bought since her last album, Ys, about 3 years ago!