Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Western Omelette

Western Omelette
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Had a fabulous weekend in Northern Kentucky seeing The New Pornographers at the Southgate House. Wheeee!

In between, we had time to eat at two of Newport/Covington's legendary 24-hour diners, The Anchor and The Pepper Pod, bot of which are featured in this story.

The girls here, in rare "morning-after" form, at The Pepper Pod in Newport.

I've been perusing Edward Weston books lately, and am rethinking what I toss and what I keep. I think I have plenty of "Smile!" pictures. Alternately, I love this picture because of the variety of expressions on the girls' faces… Thanks, ladiez!

Additional note: Mary and I had been to the Pepper Pod merely six hours before this, on a late-night breakfast binge. Upon crashing and getting up with the rest of the posse, we shrugged and headed back for another round of eggs!