Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eames Curb Find!

So the other day, I was driving along in my old neighborhood and totally found an Eames Ottoman sitting on the curb. What kind of people throw out an Eames Ottoman?

Of course, you could argue, "What kind of people pick up a dank orphaned foot rest?"

Guilty as charged!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wedding updates!

A little bird says there's much activity over at Lucy and Mick's World Wide Wed, feathered friends and fiends!

And things are happening at The Campsie Project, too!

is this so wrong?

is this so wrong?
Originally uploaded by mrtoastey.
Sure, it looks all wrong. But what really is the problem?

As a certified master of succulent plants like Jades and such, I'm going to give away one secret, then another.

The first secret: Bottom Watering is ideal. The succulents seem to prefer sucking up the good ole H2O from below, so I'm constantly filling tubs and pots that I can set my plants in for a nice soak. Secret #2: Well, check out the picture.

I think that most all houses have at least one persistent standing body of water that any succulent plant would think is just fine. Hell, the dog likes it good enough. (disclaimer: Oscar is not nor has he ever been a toilet drinker. Not that I know of. Not that I could prove.)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Help Wanted: Jet-setting hotel deejay.

Stéphane_Pompougnac is kind of my hero. Well, if not "hero," then trajectory model. This is the guy who puts together these Hôtel Costes mix compilations that are apparently the product of his affiliation with the ultra-snobby Paris hotel. Think I'm kidding? look at their incredible lack-of a web site. A sure sign of snobbiness is having a sparse non-web site, I assure you.

What does it take to be a hotel music guru?
I would like the opportunity to find out and be compensated accordingly.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I thought that was something you only got on TV.

I have mild laryngitis. Can you imagine the effect on somebody that likes to talk as much as I do? People calling on the phone: I cannot answer. I can't even leave a greeting saying "I have laryngitis. Please email me." I tried to leave a message, whispering, on somebody's voice mail and it just cut me off!

So when I say, "I can't talk about it," I'm not kidding. I've actually had to cancel appointments today.