Sunday, December 30, 2007

the marble machine

I help Leo build a magnicifent marble machine over xmas.

seaside spin-around

A popular photo technique has been revised for vid-joe!

Seaside vids and such

Lucy and I are lucky enough to be spending New Year's with my parents in Seaside, along with my brother and four — count'em four — dogs. If you want to see assorted video, it's here.

Check back and Happy New Year!

Seaside Dogpool Arrives

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lucy's lost one

Recently, there was a tapping at the front door. We've got a glass door, so I could easily see who was there: a somewhat unkempt middle-aged man in a blue thrift-store nylon parka and beige house slippers, who nonetheless carried himself with some pride and authority. He politely stood back as I opened the door and exuded no menace.

As I expected him to start into a story that would culminate in a need for money, he instead said: "Is the lady of the house available?" I replied that no, she was actually not home. He calmly thanked me and turned to go, and I ventured one more question, utterly out of curiosity: "Can I give her a message?" I said. His eyes lit up as he stopped and looked back at me: "A message?" he said, implying that perhaps I had one for him. So I reiterated: "Would you like to leave a message for her?" And he said: "Yes! Ask her to please come home."

I didn't want to burst the guy's bubble, but I decided to clarify and told him that, interestingly enough, she was my wife, and this was, in fact, her home. After which, he promptly thanked me and walked on down the sidewalk, with gusto.

A little while later, I saw him knocking on the front doors of other houses on my street, only now palming a gold spraypainted styrofoam globe in each hand. And then after about an hour he knocked on my door and we had nearly the same conversation again.

I didn't feel like calling the police. The man — clearly schizophrenic — seemed calm and rather happy. It was a sunny, mild Winter day, he was reasonably clothed, and he was looking for somebody to come home. No problem, that I could see.

SantaCon Lexington!

I'm delighted to report that Lexington's first entrée into SantaCon was a bit hit and a success! About two dozen "Santas" and assorted elves and reindeer convened at the Hyatt early friday evening and from there, began our Santa rampage across downtown Lexington. Stops and highlights included:
  • A couple of public bus rides
  • Al's Bar
  • Natasha's Café (in collaboration with Rakadu Gypsy Dance, pictured)
  • BANG
  • Mia's
I'm "Blind Santa" (though I was more going for Witness Relocation Santa).

Here's some video from my new little Flip camera. (photo by brooke)

Wyn's Wacky Xmas Show on Trivial Thursdays!

This morning was the annual gas that is Wyn's Xmas Show, hosted by Trivial Thursdays. We heard sad songs where children die on Santa's lap, we heard how they do the 12 Days of Christmas in David Lynch land, and also we learned what Christmas means to Wookies.

If you want to hear it, it's available for download here! (107mb mp3)

(5 minutes of live Daft Punk at the beginning, no extra charge)

Also, here's a link to video of Wyn and I discussing the roster of the Star Wars Christmas Special, live on the air.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The merits of FILM.

Holga Maine
Originally uploaded by mrtoastey
I've been quietly nursing an actual film fetish, in the form of my Holga toy camera (this image), and my recently-acquired and completely heavy and badass Zenza Bronica XTRC medium format. Room for lots of improvement, needless to say, but some images from both cameras can be found in this gallery.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pictures of friends

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I love taking cool pictures of my friends. Near the end of summer, there was a nice little gathering at the Houlihans and I put my thus-far-unused lens baby to some work. Take a look at some dreamy pictures.