Monday, February 28, 2011

MMMB Road to Honk! Benefit

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Mountain Time

Los Dos Vatos

My beloved friends, documentary filmmakers Ari Palos and Eren McGinnis plot their next mov(i)e. On the front burner: the just-completed Precious Knowledge, about controversial ethnic studies programs in Tucson.


Your "cold" is my "mild weather getaway"

Eren bundles up to walk the dog. It's nearly 50 degrees. (in her defense, the temp dropped to near 40, and it did actually snow a little during our walk

Chu Cho

Chu Cho is a world traveler, despite a savage skin condition. He came from California as a puppy to Kentucky. He went to Oaxaca and Juchitan, deep in the interior of Mexico. Currently between travels, Chu Cho lives in Tucson.

In the Neighborhood

along the way, walking Chu Cho with Eren

in the yard

I could spend hours inspecting the desert flora that tenaciously thrives just in a given front yard.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


guy told me what they were but I forgot.

La Cazuela M&J

the specialty of the house, Cazuela, a breakfast casserole


Headed home

The REAL Cristal, bitches.

La Cazuela M&J

La Cazuela M&J butter action

Heading Home

Ferry from Isla Mujeres to Cancun

Holy Mango Mai Tai

at Asia Caribe

en Aeropuerto Cancun

La Cazuela M&J

Our last breakfast before heading for home.

Mick & Lucy 2011 Isla Mujeres Mexico

Rocas Rustica #3 at Playa La Media Luna

Rocas Rustica #3 at Playa La Media Luna

La Cazuela M&J butter ((yes we both get to hold it)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

cafe mogagua

la lomita restaurant

la lucita

chiles rellenos & bean soup at la lomita restaurant

la lomita restaurant

la lomita restaurant


thanks, Zora O'Neill.


cafe mogagua collage

raining this AM, confining Lucy and I to a cafe couch with coffee. Oh well. :-)

hidalgo still life

the feminine mickstique (by Lucy)

Friday, February 11, 2011

terrace of Roca Rustica #3 at Playa la Media Luna collage

Gato y Lucy

Playa la Media Luna pool & terrace collage

beach foliage

free lunch Lucy

our kind of puzzling free lunch after strangely unfulfilling snorkel excursion. we were the only people on our boat of 8 who claimed (legitimately) to have paid for the free grilled fish lunch. So we were dropped off at this beachside joint with one of the boat crew members, who cooked a fish for us. He said: "it's going to be about half an hour." In the meantime, we watched people wade out to a nearby water pen that contained a glum 7-foot Nurse shark. it was equal parts sad & puzzling. afterwards the boat came back and returned us to the dock, about 200 yards down the beach. Very strange, but not unpleasant.

aloe, fishy!

terrace of Roca Rustica #3 at Playa la Media Luna

terrace of Roca Rustica #3 at Playa la Media Luna

We love our room! No TV!

the Caribbean at our back door