Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vietnam Day One

Picked up at the airport by a guy with a sign that said "My Brother." That person was in fact, my brother. Played ukulele for airport security dudes out front, the most popular song in Vietnam, I'm told, is Hotel California. That is what I was asked to play. Also, some Blue Moon of Kentucky, Twist and Shout, and La Bamba, for good measure. Took a 45 minute motorbike ride from the airport, sitting on my bag (like ya do). Cruised the after-midnight streets of Hanoi and found the perfect sidewalk bowl of Pho. At that same pho sitting on tiny plastic step stools, at a small plastic children's play table. "Best day of my life so far." Even with loopy jet lag. Especially with loopy jet lag.


Unknown said...

Happy to see you guys together In a far off exotic land. Sounds like the beginning of a most excellent fraternal adventure. Go Brothers Jeffries!

Unknown said...

Excited to watch the adventures unfold!