Monday, November 03, 2008

Zombie Photobooth 2008

Zombie Photobooth 2008, originally uploaded by mrtoastey.

This year for Mecca's 7th Thriller, I eschewed my historic gig documenting the parade itself — there's a sea of photographers doing that now.

Instead, Zombie-master Mel had the bright idea to do a Zombie Photobooth, similar to the Belly Booth that I'd done for a Rachel Brice workshop last year.

I was curious because I wanted to test the bounds of instant print delivery a la Polaroid for the digital age. Without, y'know, the high expense of polaroid. So I set up a light kit and shot with my Canon XTi tethered to my laptop where they were slurped fairly-instantly into Adobe Lightroom. From there, I could print them immediately to this sweet little Lexmark P350 and Voila! Instant Zombie souvenir!

It was great fun. The tech was challenging and somewhat flakey, but basically workable.. The turnout was somewhat light (at the photobooth, not Thriller), but we'll work out the publicity next time. This was a great trial run!

Extra-special thanks to the Third Street Stuff barista crew for making me feel extra-welcome and also being my lighting guinea pigs!

see the whole zombie photobooth set

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A2Z Photo Booths LLC said...

Way to go with the instant photo booth idea! I love finding more and more ingenious photo booth people in the world. It looks like everyone had a great time - truly fabulous photos!
Jill Smith