Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mardi Gras Lexington 2006 Pix are up!

mardi gras cowgirl princess
Originally uploaded by mrtoastey.
We had a fabulous time this year, of course…

If you weren't there, check out some pix from the 3rd Annual Lexington Mardi Gras Parade, brought to you by a lot of cool people and one super cool dance studio and a rare-form collective.

Click on the Mardi Gras Cowgirl to see the entire set on Flickr.


Percy Trout said...


wha? no' one photo of me and mah gal? why you gotta dis' me like tha? i knows you took at lea' 2 pics o' us.

-percy (to the "p")

Tiffanie said...

y'all know how to rock it festive-style!!!

your smeary-technique is particularly appropriate for a mardi gras parade; it seems like that might be the viewpoint of pretty much any party-goer for a celebration such as this!!
except Claire, of course. she a level-headed one.
no smeary-smeary eye for her. ;)