Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day of Great Things

Okay, so here's all the great things that have happened to me today. Okay, here's some of the great things that have happened to me today
  1. Woke up. Always a plus
  2. Posted some pictures of Mecca's 6th Birthday and Gallery Hop. (yours for the viewing)
  3. Went to Gamelan practice.
  4. Had major compliments paid and received more work from my favorite private school client, for whom I'm now doing much marketing.
  5. Got a car wash.
  6. Sat in Lori's back yard and schemed good copy for her great boutique and Lexington at large in hopes of attracting major publication press.
  7. went to a cookout with the Lexicon Project folks. (okay, okay that was last night)
  8. Got some superfly new sunglasses from previously mentioned great boutique.
  9. walked with my sweetie in the fully-in-bloom Lexington Cemetery and got stalked by assorted ducks.
  10. got my first facial from Charlotte Webb, including a crazy rock-solid mud mask.
  11. rode my bike around, feeling the spring air and smelling bergamot, dogwood, and much more.
  12. celebrated the day with the first official gin and tonic of the season.
  13. THE CAPPER; Had a guy drive up and hand me a $500 check to me that had been mis-delivered to his house on the other side of town.
I ain't kiddin' ya, it's been a banner day.


Anonymous said...

Now, how come I can't be as happy and as popular as you, Mick? Is it my breath? I wanna hang with the INDY kids too... with their tight, tight pants... and oh-so-ironic "1980's local soccer team" t-shirts.

How come?

When's MY "banner day?"

-Percy Trout

Anonymous said...

Hi..i have heard great things about charlotte webb's facials. I cant find her location though..can you help?

Mick said...

well, it would be easier if you had left your name or some sort of contact info!

anyway — her business is called Skin Salon, in Lexington.