Thursday, June 02, 2011

Byron Romanowitz and Duke Madison: crossing color lines in Lexington

Lexington's real-life jazz "ebony & ivory:" Byron Romanowitz & his mentor, Duke Madison, crossing the color line, doing their part to demolish segregation in Lexington. Here's a wider view.

(Immortalized in mural (detail) outside Al's Bar, North Limestone & 6th Strreet)

I was honored and delighted to spend a couple of hours on the radio with Mr. Romanowitz and get to bask in his wit, facility for storytelling, and epic charm. What a guy. Here's the podcast of my Trivial Thursdays radio show with Byron.

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jaunty said...

Wow - cool edition of Trivial Thursdays. Thanks to you & Byron, I stayed up way too late last night.