Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"What did I say??"

Gigsville Prom
Originally uploaded by thebesinc

The Gigsville Prom at Burning Man was so eerily like an actual prom — awkward, disappointing, yet a little bit titillating and promise-filled… It's hard to believe that this photo is at nighttime, in the middle of a salt-flat lake bed in Nevada, that was for seven days, home to a temporary city of 53,000 revelers.

Special note: Full credit for this schtick goes to Jeff Watts, who pioneered it for a local prom party in 2009. I can at least take credit for shooting that hilarious photograph.

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Todd G. said...

I definitely hacked together a low-rent photo booth using a "movie screen", two 380EX Speedlites and two tripods.

Sure feels to me like it was in the desert! ;-)