Friday, January 23, 2009

Libeskind in Covington

Libeskind in Covington
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Daniel Libeskind's fabulous building in Covington, KY. Meanwhile, an
hour south, Lexington suffers at the hands of the Webb brothers. (sigh)

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Matt Huff said...

Fabulous? really? I don't think so. And there are quite a few Covington residents that feel the same. That building is the biggest eyesore in the area.

It doesn't even look finished. I've even had out-of-towners ask me when it will be completed, months after final construction was completed! And every time that I tell them that it is finished and that's it's intended appearance, I get an "Ewww."

It looks like it was once shiny dark blue tiles and that half of them have fallen off. Another person compared it to a building that had been boarded up for a hurricane.

Since the building is already there there's not much that can be done about it. But I think if it were repainted to where the light sections matched the dark ones it might not look so bad.

But as mom used to say, "You can polish a turd but it's still a turd." Which is true. The building even has a tapered point to it, just like a turd.

So if you ask me, that building is not beautiful. Daniel Leibeskind took a shit in downtown Covington is all. If you like the building so much, take it. PLEASE!