Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Seaside New Years
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this is a real family portrait to me:

my brother,
my mother,
my wife…

my beloved stepdad and … uh, four dogs?

this a real family portrait. whatever that means.

click the image to see the next two in the stream of the same shoot.

Very funny to do — to try to pose a family portrait … that I needed to be included in, too. "Oh, sure we'll just rustle the dogs; they'll fall in to line"

I think the pictures tell a different tale (and yes: tail) and one — accidentally — of family.

I've heard it from some of the best, I guess, now that I think about it. "It" is something about photography being an often accidental art.

"I'm just waiting every day to see what kinds of things will go wrong or mistakes that I'll make that have never happened to me before."
--mirthfully paraphrased from some guru at The Workshops in 2007. He was speaking about botching photoshoot after photoshoot throughout his otherwise celebrated, illustrious career. (ha)

Which reminds me — jeffries, time to book this year's dreamtime enlightenment odyssey. could this be it?

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Sara said...

"We'll just rustle in the dogs" made me laugh out loud. Happy belated new year to you and yours.