Friday, March 03, 2006


I thought that was something you only got on TV.

I have mild laryngitis. Can you imagine the effect on somebody that likes to talk as much as I do? People calling on the phone: I cannot answer. I can't even leave a greeting saying "I have laryngitis. Please email me." I tried to leave a message, whispering, on somebody's voice mail and it just cut me off!

So when I say, "I can't talk about it," I'm not kidding. I've actually had to cancel appointments today.


Sonya Darlene said...

Oh, Mick!

I hope you feel better soon, and how is Miss Lucy? I hope she can stay well. Send me an email if you need anything.

Hugs from a distance,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick. So it's mild eh? Could be worse. You could have lost your winning lottery ticket. Heh heh.
Mike says he'd like to come over and look at your basement sometime.

Percy Trout said...

well, @#$%... you probably type more than ya yak... so, i don't really see it being a problem.