Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kitty on the prowl

Kitty knows roses
Originally uploaded by mrtoastey.
My kitty, she don't want to stay inside this time of year.

Much hunting to be done. Most of the year, there's a fairly even division of inside and outside time— If she wants out, I let her out. If she wants in, I let her in. This time of year, she just comes in for some Cat Chow. Then it's back out to do cat things. Here, she's accessorized by the fabulous Bassett Rose Bush, which is draping the house (and nearly the lawn) with floral wonder.

One of my favorite things, incidentally, about outside kitty is that the inside litter box is kind of neglected. A habit that I endorse and adopt.


tarasita said...

does this mean that you too, tend to not use the litter box when kitty goes outside?

tessie t said...

yeah, what she said.

anessa said...

cat poop cookies?