Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Susan & Karen's Wedding — photos on Flickr and Kodak Gallery!

Susan and Karen's wedding pix!Hi Friends:

Here are my pictures from Susan & Karen's Wedding, in Provincetown, on Cape Cod. Words can barely do the occasion justice, so I'm trying 170 photos instead. I hope you'll comment, name people (I am woefully ill-informed about many people's names, sorry!) and generally enjoy reliving Susan & Karen's wedding.

NOTE: I decided to put the pix on flickr.com because it's a more "social" site. However—flickr isn't geared towards ordering prints. With that in mind, I've ALSO posted the pictures—no commentary, and less comment options—on the print-oriented site, Kodak Gallery, where you can easily order prints of shots you want. NOTE: you will have to create an account to order prints, I beleive. To order prints (remember—FIRST go to Flickr to see the pictures, and to comment and see other people's comments), click here.

And if you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me directly.

Also, I'll be posting a truncated version of Mick & Lucy's Cape Cod Adventure soon. But right now, the stars are Susan & Karen!


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting your pics. susie sent a message with the link and i was thrilled to see them! such wonderful memories, such a beautiful ceremony, such a rockin' party! thanks!

Mick Jeffries said...

I second that! Thanks for looking and reading Susie!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mick:

These photos are just beautiful! You always seem to surround yourself with gorgeous women having a good time.

Makes me want to get married again and have Lucy do my flowers . . .

Thanks for sharing these with us.